Experimenting with Oils – The Wonders of Lavender

“Enjoy the gifts of nature.”

I’ve been trying to share when I find something that I like using an essential oil for. This is definitely still very new to me but I have found some regular uses that I’m really loving! (See this post for this amazing combo for bug spray I’ve started using.) I have recently discovered I really love lavender! I think it’s one of my favorites and was a major lifesaver for my husband and I this past weekend.

So…our great dane, Sadi, is a huge baby when it comes to storms. It’s exhausting. She whines, pants, paces, and keeps us up at all hours of the night.img_0252

She has been like this from the moment we got her and nothing has really helped apart from bringing her into our bedroom to sleep beside my husband. It’s a huge inconvenience and can make for a very frustrating night. This past Saturday night we had a storm come through and just like clockwork within minutes of the storm blowing in at about 5am or so we hear Sadi whining and panting just outside our bedroom door. So we get up, go get her bed, bring it into our bedroom, and tell her to lay down. But that doesn’t help. She’s still panting and very restless. So, in desperation (and probably to avoid me getting super frustrated) my husband asks me what oil it was that I’ve used for calming. I told him to go get the lavender. He put 2 drops into his hands, rubbed them together, put them under her nose and rubbed the extra onto her bed.

Within literal seconds she stopped panting and put her head down. My husband was amazed. I’ve seen it help calm her before but this was so immediate it was awesome! We then got back in bed and got a couple more hours of heavenly sleep! There are so many other great ways I’ve used lavender, such as putting it in my baths and diffusing it, but this one is most definitely one of my favorites!

i would love to hear your favorite uses for lavender! Please share in the comments below!

Be Blessed,





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