Can You Receive?

“It is better to give than receive.” I feel like there probably isn’t a person out there that hasn’t heard this phrase in some form or fashion in their lives. Parents often repeat it to their children when they are trying to teach them the importance of sharing and giving. I think generosity and unselfishness¬†are … More Can You Receive?

Acupuncture Round 1

Well, although the first round of acupuncture treatments was not successful in helping us get pregnant, I’m pretty optimistic about the results we have seen so far. I started AF this past Saturday, which is obviously a major bummer, but I was realistic coming into this. My doctor said we need to be prepared to … More Acupuncture Round 1

Waiting for Friday

Do you ever feel like your life is just one big hurry up until the next big thing? Monday comes and we can’t wait until Friday gets here. We can’t wait until we find a job that really gives us purpose and makes us happy. We can’t wait until we finally move out of the … More Waiting for Friday